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I joined the Navy as a raw kid from the bush with no idea what lay ahead of me. All I knew was I needed to leave the town we lived in and find adventure.

For me my time in the Navy was always fun, whether peacetime or time of conflict. My experiences, good and bad, are with me forever heavily influencing my beliefs values and how I live.

Like other Veterans the worst day of my life was the one where I left that extended Defence Force family. Transitioning is hard and sometimes impossible. The indoctrination Veterans go through to become who we are can’t be turned off and doesn’t prepare you for life on the outside.

The Blogs I write are about my challenges in fitting outside the Defence force and my battles with PTSD. My hope is,that besides being therapeutic for me, it will help other Veterans realise they aren’t alone and help is available.

My Latest Posts

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  • 5%
    5%, sounds like an inconsequential number until you apply it to all things that impact the cost of living such as inflation, interest rate hikes etc. But what if it was appliedContinue reading “5%”
  • Timor Awakening
    In 2018 I took part in a Veterans retreat in Timor Leste. I went over a mess and came back with a changed outlook and on the road to recovery. The videoContinue reading “Timor Awakening”
  • Trust
    In the last 2 months a lady has approached me twice at the end of a 4 Voices shift. Each time she has handed me a razor blade and said, “I needContinue reading “Trust”
  • Was it?
    Nestled, almost hidden, in the south east corner of the Suncorp Stadium precinct is the 42 for 42 Afghanistan Memorial Garden. This publicly accessible garden remembers the 41 Australian military members whoContinue reading “Was it?”
  • Better
    Back in January my Blog “ARRRGH” identified the importance of releasing internal anger and stress. I talked of the impacts of not releasing these emotions on an individuals mental and physical health.Continue reading “Better”

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