A great memorial to sailors – my kitbag took me everywhere


Back in January my Blog “ARRRGH” identified the importance of releasing internal anger and stress. I talked of the impacts of not releasing these emotions on an individuals mental and physical health. Unfortunately in a woke society where we focus more on the feelings of others the release of our anger and stress is viewedContinue reading “Better”


An important part of managing mental health, anger,depression etc is the ability of individuals to find inner peace. It seems these days that every one has high expectations of what should be achieved without understanding the impact on the individual. People are expected to deliver on the expectations of themselves or others. Performing or livingContinue reading “Peace”


Recently I had a discussion with two Veteran’s wives whose husbands are struggling after leaving the Australian military. Experiencing the “usual” problems post service both men, and families, would benefit from the assistance offered by Veteran’s organisations. The challenge faced by families of Veterans in s accessing services is a minefield without all required information.Continue reading “Aware”


Well its been a busy month for me, 2 flood recovery operations with Disaster Relief Australia and multiple Orange Sky shifts around Brisbane. I started this blog in the Orange Sky HQ, Byron Bay, watching the rain come down and wondering whether I’d get out with a laundry van during the week. That question wasContinue reading “Found”


Today I had an interesting discussion with one of the younger Orange Sky volunteers. In her mid twenties, she is studying an Engineering Degree while working part time and volunteering. Having grownup in Nui Guinea she’s an intelligent lady with some great life experience. We were talking about our services being slower than usual withContinue reading “Why!”

Get in Back

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Black Dog’s grip on me and the struggles I was having. Since then I’ve made a concerted effort to lift myself off the lounge and bring light back to my life. “Get in Back” is a command Ringers / Jackaroos use to bring their working dogsContinue reading “Get in Back”


It’s the scream that reverberates in our heads rather than coming from our mouths. Have you ever been in a position where the stress is building inside to an explosive point? Our natural reaction is to let this energy build up escape physically, perhaps through screaming, jumping up and down on the spot or lashingContinue reading “Arrrgh”

Black Dog

So I’ve written about depression previously in my Blog “Purpose”. That Blog was an effort to be positive about a condition many Veterans deal with and share my tips on how I deal with it. Written with good intentions, feedback I received was positive in that others found it useful and that they weren’t alone.Continue reading “Black Dog”

Lad to Dad

On the weekend I was completing a questionnaire when I encountered two confronting and linked questions. They were: 1. What has been the greatest life changing moment in your life, and 2. What is your greatest regret They both sound like easy questions to answer, right? For me it turned out not. As with manyContinue reading “Lad to Dad”


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