Orion leads the squadron into Sydney Harbour

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5%, sounds like an inconsequential number until you apply it to all things that impact the cost of living such as inflation, interest rate hikes etc. But what if it was applied to something else that doesn’t live in the news or social media? Say you found out that the suicide rate in an Australian…

Timor Awakening

In 2018 I took part in a Veterans retreat in Timor Leste. I went over a mess and came back with a changed outlook and on the road to recovery. The video below provides a brief view of my opinion and the value of participation in Veteran recovery programs.


In the last 2 months a lady has approached me twice at the end of a 4 Voices shift. Each time she has handed me a razor blade and said, “I need to give you this so I don’t hurt myself”. I was quite taken aback on the first occasion. I’d never been approached by…

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